This is What Dreams Are Made of

Naples, Positano, Praiano, Sorrento, Capri, Rome, Anzio all of these cities were beautiful in their own ways. A year before this trip happened, my friends, Robyn & Derik were planning their backpack honeymoon. They were going all over Europe, and we joked about how what if I met up with them on their trip. We decided Italy was the best place for us to go. Then I said to my mom, “what if we both went to Italy and met up with them?” She was laughing at first, and then a week later she called me saying, “let’s do it.”

The most stress-free way around the country was hiring a driver. Which we did for the entire week when I was with my mom. The Italian drivers are crazy! The desire to gaze out the window was quickly interrupted by my stomach nausea. Highly recommend renting Mopeds if you’re brave enough we did not do that this trip. Our driver did take us to an incredible market, and we got some basics there. We got fresh basil, mozzarella, and prosciutto every time we went there.

We had our Eat Pray Love moment, Naples

Traveling from Naples to Positano was quite the challenge. This restaurant is called L’Antacia Pizzeria De Michele, you have to each order an entire pizza. So you better starve yourself until your meal because you’ll not be able to take it To Go.


Here is the link to their blog about our trip. They got to go to way more cities than I did. Both Northern and Southern Italy. It’s crazy that I met them at a Halloween party one year and the next year we were traveling through Italy together.

Going to the beach was a challenge, Positano

The Mediterranean sea was something I’d never thought I’d get to swim in. The beaches were so unreal. It makes much sense why people here are in such great shape. The amount of walking and stair climbing was insane. From our villa to the street alone was 243 steps my mom and I counted. When you go though, you must find a couple of lounge chairs. They have most of them reserved for the hotel guests that are staying there. So in order to get a chair you might have to eat lunch at the hotel restaurant and it costs way more money.

Gelato was the most amazing thing ever

We walked from town to town on some days. So naturally, I got gelato every chance I got. It was worth the calories. Even though I’m not a coffee drinker I loved the fresh coffee they had at the cafe’s. It was so delicious. Also, the shopping in downtown Positano was outstanding. I loved the dresses, I bought two of them. Bring an extra suitcase for all the great stuff you buy. Mine almost did’t fit!

We rented an air bnb Villa

I’ll link our air bnb house tour. I added some music to it. I made this video on our trip. I hope you like it. They had this contraption that brought our bags from the street up the stairs. It was really cool. The downside about Villas are the bugs. There were so many that would come in. We had the doors open most of the time because the view.

Fresh smoothies after hiking up a lot of stairs. These tables were also everywhere.

My mom bought some pottery that has the similar pattern. We shipped it back home, and it was worth every penny. We will have them forever. You should get a mug look how cute!

Sistine chapel was stunning, I cried…

This place was the most incredible and my favorite part about the trip. We had to walk in the longest line of life. It made it all worth it to see this master piece. You are overwhelmed I literally teared up.

We had our Lizzy McGuire moment in Rome

You can drink in public anywhere in Europe, it’s so fun! We sat on the curb of a McDonalds and drank wine out of plastic cups. It was awesome. We also accidentally stumbling upon a film festival in Rome.

Sunsets were incredible, Positano
These flowers in our hair were everywhere their called Bougainvilleas, Capri

The fairy is not as easy as you think when you travel to Capri. There are about 20 different fairies. We missed the first one. It was very confusing to get another one. Once we finally got to Capri it was so much fun. Had more gelato, and did some great shopping.

Rome, our air bnb reminded us of summer camp!

We put the table out front on the cobblestones, and made dinner. We looked like a bed n breakfast. People would walk by us and look up at the non-existing sign to see what it was. We realized that was not how the Italians did it.

This was the most amazing trip of a life time. I can’t wait till the day when I go back. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to have gone. If you have not been you absolutely must. In the land of gelato, and prosecco, see gorgeous belly dancers, smoke hookah with the locals, eat your heart out in pizza, and toss a coin in the Trevie Fountain. You won’t be disappointed in this incredible country. It makes the 38 hour traveling time so worth it. Especially if you fly first class.