Places To Go Shoot Photos!

Hey guys! Thanks for checking back on my site! This is my second post, and I’m going to share some insight about some of my favorite places to do photos in Houston, and Austin Texas! I hope you enjoy reading, and let me know which ones you’ve been to. I am super ready for our freedom back how about you? I have been doing a lot of writing lately, and I am not mad about it!

The Art District has a great downtown view, this photo is from the Buffalo Bayou Brewery. It’s also got a railroad next to it. So many photography options! However, there are people always watching from the brewery. Every time I visit here I always see the train go by.

Buffalo Bayou Brewery

Ima Hogg’s house, Is gorgeous for a romantic setting. Costs $8 to enter. Worth the fee, if you have never gone you should. Look how pretty this bridge is! I mean come on, a perfect proposal setting! Have yet to do a photoshoot here, let me know if you’re interested! As I’m writing this I am currently jamming to George Jones. Getting all the romance vibes!

Ima Hogg’s House

Hempstead Railroads super cool vibes with the railroads in the background. I’d say the city also has some, but there are more cars, and then more people to stare at your model.

Hempstead, TX

Cypress Neighborhoods, They tend to have really pretty fountains and lots of flowers planted for a beautiful backdrop! You might come across a nice empty bridge along the way too!

Bridgeland- Cypress, TX

Arboretum, It has some beautiful opportunities for backdrops in every direction. I saw so many photographers on this shoot. I guess Sundays are popular days!


Pools,  I love shooting in a pool, you should be very careful with this one! I was holding an external light source over the subject to get the studio effect of the spotlight. I love how it turned out! Without it was just way too dark!

Gessner Area

Old hotels,  They are super cool for mystic vibes, however, they usually kick you out if you get caught using your flash, be respectful! However, this one is actually in Austin!

Driskill Hotel

Bathrooms, I love all white bathrooms that have a cool window in a reflection of the mirror. It’s the coolest vibe ever. Then I turn it black and white and it’s stunning. Hotel bathrooms are also incredible to photograph.

Galleria Area
The Driskill Austin, TX

Montrose art walls, You have a lot to choose from here, it doesn’t have to be Montrose I just know there are tons here.

Lo -Fi Vintage

Downtown streets/Parking Garages top floor, You can do both of these if you are tactical.

Parking Garage next to Memorial Park

Field of Wild Flowers, This is not a cue to the Tom Petty song, but it’s a great motivation. If the season allows it there are so many fields in Texas. Go find them! This one was in Cypress.

Cypress, TX
St. Edwards University- Austin, TX

I hope you enjoyed the blog post this week! I had fun writing it. Thank you for your time! You guys hang in there, I hope It’s distracting you during this crazy time we are living in. As I’m ending this I’m now jamming to Carole King’s Tapestry album. Who else loves her? Leave it in the comments! See ya next time ya’ll!

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  1. Love the photos, especially the pool, rail yard, and bluebonnet of you and a friend, great composition on all!

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