Top places I frequent, and why you should too!

The weather has been very nice in Houston lately, yet we can’t go anywhere! I am going to tell you about some places that you should try and put at the top of your list when we are all done with self-quarantine. These are places that I frequent and keep going back to because of many reasons. The ambiances are on point, the staff is of utmost friendly manner, and their food and drinks are delicious!Their grab-n-go breakfast tacos are some of my favorites. Their lunch tacos are also delicious but, my favorite are the chorizo breakfast tacos and you can’t forget the salsa. So grab a snack, and read all about my top hot spots to go to in Houston!

The first one I’m starting out with is Bebidas, a cafe that is actually the literal English translation for coffee. This little coffee shop in snuggled right in the famous and historical River Oaks district. It’s got a trendy atmosphere and they have an amazing outdoor seating. Along with the relaxing atmosphere, across the street is a beautiful church that plays the bells every hour on the hour. It’s the icing on the cake. I’ll link the website and address below so you can check it out. They have very good bottomless coffee, although I get their infused tea which is super yummy! They have good food too, it’s mostly on the healthier side I love there grab-and-go tacos I highly recommend coming here! You might even run into me if you do!

2602 Edloe St.
Houston, TX 77027

The next one is actually a restaurant. I grew up coming here and I feel like a lot of people in the area also did too. El Patio off Westheimer. From the service to the live music that happens on the weekends, to the club no minor. Which is where my parents got engaged. So this spot is very important to our family. You can count on El Patio to provide the best Tex-Mex you’ll probably ever have. Did I mention the margaritas are super strong? Yes, they have a happy hour! When you go, and if you are 21+ you must try Club no Minors. It’s got speakeasy vibes, elegant paintings of naked ladies on the walls. I highly recommend the Street Tacos, or Sunrise Enchiladas those are what I always get when I go there. You must get the Quéso, but in the club its complimentary! Pro tip: they do valet parking 80% of the time, it’s a very small lot. A landmark is the KFC because it comes up quite fast. Pull in right after you see it!
El Patio
6444 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 77057

After you go to El Patio for dinner, you should head around the corner off Fountain View and San Felipe for a nightcap at Ron’s Pub. I don’t have any photos yet here, but next time I go I will insert them below. The bartenders are so nice, I know them all by name. If you like trivia they have that all throughout the week! I like playing darts here, and what’s cool is that you could go alone and meet so many fun people. Some of my friends I’ve met there bring their guitars to practice and give you a mini show. It’s very awesome!
Rons Pub
1826 Fountain View Dr.
Houston, TX 77057

Here are a few honorable mentions.

TruckYard Houston is kid-friendly, because they have a Ferris Wheel! They have a Philliy Cheesesteak restaurant there as well. Had a nice couple take this photo of me and my boyfriend that we still can’t get over. I’ve been with my cousin and we got fries from one of the food trucks which were pretty good! They have about 3 food trucks normally. I would tell my friends from out of town to check this place out. It’s really close to UH (east downtown).
TruckYard – Houston
2118 Lamar St.
Houston, TX 77003

Another great beer garden place is Kirby Ice House 100% would recommend to anyone who has dogs! Very pet-friendly environment. They have Cornhole if you want a little friendly competition. In the photo below I’m drinking Frosé it was pretty good, but you gotta drink it fast or not mind it melting right before your eyes. It was a hot day! The only thing you should be mindful of here is that they only allow 23+ here. Parking can also be hard on weekends!
Kirby Ice House
3333 Eastside St.
Houston, TX 77098

This place is super fun! Huge beer garden and has a gigantic statue of The Beatles! You must see this place, it’s right across from TruckYard too so you can stop by on your way there. They have huge shipping containers everywhere which are pretty unique! Pro tip: there is a parking lot across the street thats $5. Don’t give your self a head ache and try and find free parking. and waste precious playing time!
8th Wonder Brewery
2202 Dallas St.
Houston, TX 77003

Let me know which ones you try! Would love to hear your feedback after the Quarantine is over!

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  1. These are all wonderful suggestions, I’ve come to call most of these locations staples of Houston! They ones I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting yet are next on my list now. Thank you!

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